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curry in a hurry... .

prepare rice

read box or bag or reheat

chicken curry ingredients [serving 2]

take half a cooked chicken-
to cook, take prepared
whole carcass... quarter a couple of lemons, stuff
bird with the lemon quarters. bake until cooked.
[or just buy a roasted chicken and] halve it.
-then clean the meat off for this meal for two.
McCormick madras CURRY POWDER (hot)
or equivalent (and lots of it)
1 tablespoon butter
scant 1/8 cup flour
a half pint of whipping cream
~1/2 cup water
3 bouillon cubes
herb ox chicken by hormel dissolves quickly, or use vegetarian... .

prepare curry

melt 1 tbsp. butter in pot on high.
add a scant 1/8 cup flour, whisk.
add 2 tbsp. curry powder, whisk briefly.
add about 1/3 of that half pint of whipping cream. whisk.
add 1/4 cup water. whisk.
turn heat to medium.
add 3 cubes bouillon or the vegetarian equivalent. whisk until smooth.
reduce heat to low.
add another third of that half pint of cream and another quarter cup of water.
whisk until creamy.
may add water to adjust texture, but try to use slightly more cream than water.
add curry to taste.
whisk until velvety. then add chicken and let sit.

veggies are optional...
a cup of cooked potatoes
can be added.
after 15-30 minutes, serve over rice.
fresh peas make a pleasant if non-traditional side dish.