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not a blog, but several unsponsored site links follow

online comics

pretty harsh first comic from milholland's something positive. overall the series is excellent, the 'slice of life' that many films fall short of conveying.

not the best art, but a creative and entertaining story from beginning to today. so far the plot seems like just an introduction for the story/stories to come. troy smith's scandal sheet does visually improve, keep reading.

brief and direct. i like lore's style and content.

fairly decent, easily better than most newspaper comics. however, sinfest by tatsuya ishida is more like a newspaper comic than most web strips.


pretty much my favorite weblog forever geek focuses on providing links to games and technology. massively useful.

not for everyone boingboing contains links to just about anything. from technology, to techno art, to web-published art, to politics, to kitsch they cover a little of everything.

music tools and information

links to build just about any musical instrument or piece of music equipment from the musical instrument makers forum or mimf. includes some links to software tuners/design-calculators.

tucows is a great site for all types of software and provides the official downloads for fruity loops studio.

video games